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Two best-selling books by Wayne L. Misner exploring the inner world of men:  

Men Don't Listen and Men Cry Too

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Wayne L. Misner

Misner said, “I wrote this book to be a gender neutral self help book for healing relationships. Simple easy methods to help bring a couple close by down to earth ways of solving differences.  The goal is for both partners to have a loving, meaningful union where you will understand each other.”

Depressed, with his emotions holding onto a tornado, Misner wrote about love, divorce, and heartache.

The poems and prose were written as he was trying to handle what life had dealt him.

Written from his heart, he feels it would be valuable to share his experience with others. The poems help make sense of how people hold onto the thrills and memories of love, as they lose their loved ones. Love is possible another day. Scars will heal; hurt will dissipate, but love stays forever in the fibers of your body, the pages of your memory, and the senses of your being

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“Women say, "I can't get him to open up!  He just doesn't listen!  I know there is something inside but, I can't get it out of him."

"There's a big misconception that men do not want to hear.  It is more accurate to say, they do not dare to feel."

As seen on "Book Beat" television show.
Publisher: iUniverse”


Reviews by Critics for Men Don't Listen

Reviews by Critics for Men Cry Too

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Click the link below to watch the Video

Many men hide pain inside, fearing it’s a weak reflection of their masculinity. I show them how to wear pain as a Medal of Honor.

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